Getting professionally written resumes into the right hands


Boost sales and client success rates by offering one simple service . . . their resume into the hands of recruiters immediately.

After 4 years in business, we guarantee it works. Candidates get their resume but are lost about getting someone to see it. Now, they will know that you are part of a direct-to-recruiter network that will increase their immediate opportunities.

So, more potential clients saying yes . . . and then, more referrals.


Tired of contacting people through expensive platforms only to be ignored? The reality is that most of the people on those platforms WERE looking for a job at one time but aren’t now.

If you do get a resume, it’s generally badly written, won’t go through your ATS, and can’t be presented to your client.

We’ve got you! A national database of professionally written resumes from candidates who are actively looking!

Subscription: $35/month or $360/year

FREE until January 1, 2022

Subscription: $19/month or $175/year

FREE until January 1, 2022